Overview of entire project

How is it that Monday.com not only exists, but has existed for 10 years and still there’s no button / view / feature that allows me to look at my project as a whole???

I have to look at a tiny portion of the project at any one time. Talk about basic essentials!!

Hi @CharlieFacade - have you looked into creating a dashboard view or overview board for a high level look at all projects? There are options out there.


Hey Mark, thanks for reaching out.

I have the overview but even with the overview in full screen mode I can’t see my whole project. I have to export to excel and then scroll out. Absolutely ridiculous!

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Hey @CharlieFacade
I think it depends on the way you build your dashboards. In a case you want to see a lot of information and data without scrolling you may use widget and make their size smaller.

I’ve built some dashboards for business owners and projects managers that were very satisfied and even told they first know their business.
You can reach out for more help and support.

Hi Hezibo,
Can you show me an example? This sounds just what I need.

Hi Charlie,

You can vote here for larger widgets :wink:


Thanks! That’s really interesting. But will that allow me to export the full Gantt to pdf? Or just slightly increase what I can see on the screen?

Its is for larger widgets, so you can see more of your gantt.
What we do is zooming out in our browser ("command - "on Mac) on a 4k screen.
I that way you can see a much better overview of your gantt or timeline. however if you zoom out to much the widget can’t be enlarged so that it the problem now.
Personally I prefer the timeline over gantt as it is more compact.
hope this helps :wink: