Allow users to zoom out more on Gantt charts

Hello, I’m currently making a high level schedule for a pretty massive multi-phase project that will span over 10 years. I’m doing it in Monday because the dashboards work nicely to compare options and stats. However, because the lowest zoom level you can get is year by year, I can never see the full project.

A workaround I found is to drag my browser window across my 2 34" monitors, but not everyone has the luxury to have 2 wide monitors to work with.

So what I would suggest is to add a “5 years” view, subdivided into 5 individual years. Kind of like the current “year” view is subdivided into 4 quarters.

At the minimum zoom level right now, I can see 5 years on one monitor, so that change would increase it to 20 years.

And while you’re at it, you could even add a “10 years” view with 5 subdivisions of 2 years each. That would allow people to see up to 40 years on their screen.

I think this improvement would be very easy for your devs to implement and could be useful to many users.