Gantt chart is unusable due to the horizontal scroll which includes unwanted years


Your Gantt chart is unusable due to the horizontal scroll, because it shows all the unnecessary years!
I scroll left and I go to ex. 2004. I scroll right and I go to 2100 or even further.

The Gantt chart should be restricted to include ONLY the active projects’ years and nothing else!
Add a filter there! The horizontal scroll is counter-productive there in a very bad way!

Plus that sliders should be added so that we increase the viewing space of the Gantt chart without having to full-screen competely.

hi @HardcoreGR

Welcome to the community! Did you already find (and clicked) the “Auto Fit” in the Gantt chart?

No can you guide me and send me a screenshot?

Thank you.

Hi @HardcoreGR !

Here is a screenshot to help guide you!

Hope this helps!

The Autofit is irrelevant here! It just zooms the Gantt chart!
When I try to click the slider either left or right even for one millimetre, I will see years like 2010 and 2130 respectively!
What is the meaning in all this? We can’t even work.
Fix it! Add an option “Lock timeline only between active dates” or whatever, so that the Gantt chart does not go in the past and future. The scrolling is huge and the result is disappointing and counter-productive!


I’m having the same problem and I am going to add a dummy task with a duration matching the start and end I want to work with. This will make the autofit do something helpful at least dur my initial planning phase. Then I can delete the dummy afterwards

Agree that the horizontal scroll is way too sensitive. Can we please reduce the sensitivity or at least create this as an option


Has there been any resolution to this? Is there a way to freeze the view to only include the actual project timeline?

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I am having the same issue. The Gantt chart is not usable if you have a longer chart that goes beyond the screen because the scrolling function jump too far forward or behind in years.

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The horizontal scroll in the Gannt chart is way too sensitive and unworkable. With a mm a movement it blasts you forward a hundred years, forget about a few weeks. When using the autofit it squishes a 1 year project with approximately 30 tasks into one screen. I find the view, well squished and not too pleasant for viewing. I am really enjoying the rest of the product but the Gannt chart view really needs some overhauling.

Huge agree here. This is such a common and obvious UX concern! I was thinking about swapping to Monday for our Product Management, but this would make my life miserable.

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Come on guys. Fix this. It’s such a glaring issue for a product that claims to be “more” than a Project Management OS when you can’t even get Project Management right.

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Please fix this issue

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I will not be able to recommend this product to my project management team until this issue is resolved

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I agree this is terrible UI and needs to be fixed. In the meantime, when the cursor is over the chart it acts as a hand tool and you can grab and drag the Gantt chart and it’s much less sensitive.

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I’ve only recently joined Monday and I’m really tempted not to continue, because issue is so absurd. The project planning functionality is really simple and clear, but the Gantt chart is absolutely unusable because it’s impossible to scroll through our months/quarters. Please, please fix it.

Engineers could look to Adobe Premiere Pro for how they address this issue in the timeline pane for video editing.

I agree with the sentiments expressed by others on this.

Another upvote for fixing this issue. It’s the biggest bug we have with the platform.

Why hasn’t this been fixed yet? Makes what would otherwise be a very useful tool almost unusable.

The timeline will literally jump forward to the year 2150 at the slightest touch. I don’t know about you, but I’m not planning anything 100 years+ out and I don’t even know why it would have that. Looks like it maxes out at the year 2800 or so??

I don’t understand how this would be released but it seems like an easy fix, please update pronto. Otherwise a very useful tool.

Another upvote for resolving this issue.

I was able to scroll very quickly to the year >10000, which is cool in that I can help project plan the rebuilding of House Atreides, but the real-world utility is somewhat a hindrance.

I’d suggest being able to define Start and End Dates for a project where the end date can only extend based on subordinate tasks exceeding the end date.

Bread and butter PM inclusions along w/ Task Types, Contour, Resource Schedules, and Task Dependencies (tho I hear this is coming).