Gantt in Dashboard - want default view to NOT show sub-projects only Groupssks

Hi! first post! so I am tracking a series of repeatable items, each item starts with a GROUP then has a series of sub-PROJECTs under it.
I’ve created a Dashboard and tried to us the Gantt view to display the progress but ideally I’d only like the Group line to appear not the expanded view for all the Groups and Projects.
It’s just a pain having to minimise all the groups in the chart.
I was looking for a setting that could control the default display setting to be minimised or expanded hoping I could choose - but I can’t find one.
I’d welcome any ideas or alternative display options which would help.
Here’s the expanded view I don’t want :wink:

And here’s the view when I manually minimise - which I’d like to happen every time I view the dashboard.

Hi @timjones

I was a bit confused at first as I thought your sub-PROJECTS were subitems. if they were then you can just not include the subitem date / timelien column in the gantt and that would give you ‘summary’ view.
But since your items are in groups and you are showing group summary I don’t see any way to save a view where all the groups are collapsed. I tried the timeline view to see if anything different and unfortunately neither of those views on either dashboard or the board view save groups collapsed.

The only possible suggestion I could have is if your items could be translated to subitems then you could see the item timeline as a summary of the subitems, BUT there are many disadvantages to using subitems for other automations and things, so I would tread the subitem ground lightly and double check that translating to subitems doesn’t mess up other automatoins/views etc you may have/want.

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thanks @timlittletech ! kind of what I thought would be the case and I’ll review the option you suggest.