Gantt 'Color By' setting is locked and chart color's is missing

Gantt ‘Color By’ setting is locked so and chart color’s is missing. I don’t seem to find any discussions on the particular problem.


Hey @ollatpe,

Do you happen to have the Basline activated? I ask as at this time, it’s not possible to use Color By while Baseline is active.

Let me know :pray:


Yes, I believe have the Beta Baseline activated. I did notice that might be the cause but all I seem to be able to is to ‘Hide’ it not switch it off.


I deleted my Gantt and added a new widget which does not have the baseline activated. Now it works with colors


Perhaps you know how I can sort the Groups on the left hand side. See the screenshot. They seem to be sorted according to the timeline and not the order from the Board.

Airplus should be last, Handover before Kick-off member meeting

Hi @BiancaT,

Happy Thursday! Do you know if it’s planned to add Color By as a feature while Baseline is active? I didn’t see it as a Feature Request topic. If it is not on the roadmap to be added, I will log a Feature Request. Thank you!!

Hi Tyler,

I can’t seem to find a feature request specific to that one, so would recommend submitting a feature request for our team to add their vote :pray:

As for where it sits, at this time I don’t believe this is a feature on our immediate roadmap I am afraid. From my understanding the reason being is that once you are using a baseline, the colouring becomes based on whether an item is late/on time, so you can’t then also colour the items based on another parameter. That said, if anything changes we will be sure to keep you up-to-date!

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