Hi all,

Gantt / visual display

  1. looking for the possibility to label the timeline directly on it (i mean, on the colored zone) and not after.
    (it might be helpful to wrap up the item, in order to not get to long the text)

  2. looking for the possibility to add the icone of the personne/team assigned to the timeline directly on it.

  3. keep the color item/timeline possible when baseline is actived. However keeping the baseline grey. (Or distinct in another way, see sugestion 4 and 5)

  4. option to color baseline.
    When having a lot of snapshots, it is helpfull to uderstand which means each one. In our especifically case, some represent due dates reposted later, some others represents timelines longer than previwed.

  5. get a visual where the extended timeline (snapshots) will be placed at the same level of the principal timeline (not slightly above nor under).
    Study the possibility to identify the snapshot with diagonal lines instead of a different color.

pictures can help to understand better

Thank you team :slight_smile:

hopping go see this getting better soon!!!
Gantt has improved a lot, and it is a really good feature, but it can get better yet!!