Gantt Doesn't Show SubItems that Are Dependent on Other Items but don't yet have a date

I have an Item with various subitems. For example:

  • SubItem A has start and end date (or is a milestone with a single date)
  • Subitem B depends on Subitem A. It will only start after SubItem A is completed. but
  • Subitem B however does not yet have any dates defined. Subitem A might delay, for example. Or Subitme might last 2 or 3 days. We don’t know yet.
  • Same for subitems C, D and E.

On the Gantt chart, Subitems B, C, D, E do not appear. Of course: they don’t yet have a date that can be used. But wait a second: all of them are dependent on A, and that is set. So why can’t they simply be indicated in the Gantt after A? Better than completely hiding them.

Alternatively, I can manually enter a start date (or milestone) for B, C, D and E using the same end date of A. Fine, now they show up on the Gantt. But wait: the dates for A have changed. B, C, D and E don’t reflect that, so I have to go change those dates manually now.

Now imagine if there are many subitems and dependencies. This can become awkward.

If a subitem is dependent on another item, but doesn’t have it’s own date yet, can’t it just use the other item’s end date?

I understand this can be complicated, since the Dates column is a manual entry, and what I’m asking is if it can be automated if it has a dependency. Maybe I’m using the wrong tool or setup?

I really appreciate Monday, but when it starts to get complex that’s when it becomes hard to convince people to use it.

Thanks in advance.