General Caster IF Function 'Unexpected Error Occured'

Hi there, I’m having some trouble using the General Caster integration “When Column changes, perform formula and cast result to Column” on my board.

I’m trying to use an IF statement to populate a date column if another date (Start Date) changes, depending on the value of a status column (Item Size Estimate):

IF({item’s Item Size Estimate}==“S”, TEXT(DATEVALUE({item’s Start Date})+7,“YYYY-MM-DD”), “DO-NOTHING”)

Eventually I’d like to have 4 nested IFs here based on the status column value but figured I’d try to get one working first.

Whenever I try to run this I get the error: General Caster Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred.

Running the automation without the IF works fine ( i.e. TEXT(DATEVALUE({item’s Start Date})+7,“YYYY-MM-DD”)).

Is there perhaps something wrong with my syntax?

Fixed It…

The issue was the IF should use = instead of ==

If someone from General Caster sees this, you might want to change this page: General Caster > Documentation

That message usually suggests that you have a problem with your cache or cookies, or possibly a conflict with your anti-virus software or firewall.

The best thing is to delete your cache and cookies, then log out of Adsense and log in again. Alternatively try using a different browser.

Rachel Gomez