Get date progression with formula

I’m trying to calculate the current progress of a task based on a timeline column.
But when that timeline is not defined i’m getting “one parameter is not valid” regardless the conditions.
This is my formula:

IF({Deadline#Start} <> “”,
ROUND(IF(WORKDAYS({Deadline#End}, today())=0,
WORKDAYS({Deadline#End}, {Deadline#Start}),
WORKDAYS( today(), {Deadline#Start})) / WORKDAYS({Deadline#End}, {Deadline#Start})*100,2),0)

Is there any way to override when the value of Deadline is not defined?

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Hey Fernando,

Can you please share a screenshot of your set up (including the column involved in the formula)? I am trying to replicate this on my end and running into an error, so want to confirm I have a correct understanding of the column structure - thanks :slight_smile:


You can see the 5th row in the image, where the timeline field is not defines, the formula produces the error “one parameter is not valid”.
I’m trying to get a 0 in that case

@BiancaT were you able to see the reply?

So sorry for the delay fernando! I have our formula team working on this at the moment. I will update you as soon as I hear back :pray:

Hey @fdmenendez

Thanks for your patience!

Let me know if this helps:

ROUND(IF(WORKDAYS({Deadline#End}, TODAY())=0,
WORKDAYS({Deadline#End}, {Deadline#Start}),
MULTIPLY(IF({Deadline}<>"",DIVIDE(WORKDAYS(TODAY(), {Deadline#Start}), WORKDAYS({Deadline#End}, {Deadline#Start})),0),100)),2)