Get list of possible values for a column

Hi, I’m using the change_column_value api to update a status column. I have a UI that allows a user to perform this action. However, the user would need to remember what statuses are acceptable. For example, possible statuses for the column are “done”, “work in progress” and “open”. Is there a way I can fetch the possible statuses for the column? This way, I can populate them as a dropdown for the user to select, which would be so much more convenient.

You can query the desired board for columns. Something like this:

query { boards (ids: 157244624) { columns { title settings_str } } }

All columns will be returned. For the desired column you see something like this:

“id”: “status”,
“settings_str”: “{“labels”:{“0”:“Working on it”,“1”:“Done”,“2”:“Stuck”,“5”:“Not Started”,“12”:“Waiting on Others”,“17”:“On Hold”,“19”:“Overdue”},“labels_positions_v2”:{“0”:0,“1”:2,“2”:1,“5”:5,“12”:3,“17”:4,“19”:6}}”


Thank you, got that.