Creating a status column key

I have a status column with about 10 status options. I would like to create a key for those options so people know which one they should select depending on the situation for that task. I tried making a Long Text column, but I would have to paste it into each task or automate it to be filled with that key when a project is created. It’s not really an elegant solution as it takes up a column space. I could put it in the Description field for the column, but it is a pretty good amount of text and it just becomes unreadable. Ideally, I could create a button that would bring up a table explaining the different status. Any ideas?

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This is a great feature request, our team could benefit from this as well. Maybe something like a little “i” icon that you can hover over or click on when selecting statuses that explain what each status means could work too

Hi @MickeyGriffith - you could add the breakdown to the board description. Otherwise, possibly utilize a Formula column with a SWITCH() statement to change the text in a text column based on the status option chosen.

For example:
SWITCH({Status}, “Option1”, “This is option 1 text”, “Option2”, “This is Option 2 text”,“”)


If you open the column settings you have an option to “Add description”
You can type in your instructions there. Now you get a small exclamation point on the top of your column - anyone can click on it to view your note.