Status labels options

I am using the Pro version and as I am designing our platform, I may max out to the 30 status’s.
Wondering if there are more than 30 status, or perhaps other options people have used to accommodate workflow


Depends what you need the status labels to accomplish. For triggering automations, Status is the most supported and it makes things a lot easier if you can keep it within the limit. The only real alternate column is the dropdown.

+Has practically unlimited labels
+Helps keep names spelled/formatted the same
+/-Can select multiple labels per line(can be good or bad)
-Only supported by 1 standard automation which requires an additional status column
-Very limited use is custom automations

Some other ways you can work around the Status label limit.

  1. Utilize subitems
  2. Create pre groupings of your statuses and move items to different boards. For example:
    -You want to organize your employees by location and you have 50 unique locations, but only 30 status labels.
    -But you can pre group them into 5 distinct regions. So instead of housing on 1 board, make 1 board per region.
    -Create a status column that makes you first choose the region.
    -Create an automation that sends each employee to their perspective region board where you can choose from the smaller list of locations(less than 30). Line items can be linked automatically through the same automation.
    -Depending on your workflow, this could be accomplished by having multiple columns on the same board. Where unused ones are listed as N/A or something similar, but it doesn’t look as nice and could create issues if users input the wrong info/choose the wrong column.

Hope this helps!

Hi Andrew, appreciate the reply!

I know about dropdown, but do not think it will work for me as I need to report on Status. I am fairly new to so perhaps there is a report/dashboard that might work, just do not know yet.

I have a few things going on with Status

  1. to manage the 14ish steps/phases in our Business Development process
  2. typical workflow status
  3. tracking team members “timesheet” - this is a whole other beast as team members time is tracked per client but then needs to be added to non team activities that have nothing to do with and then getting the export file to make sense to finance. Wondering if roll up boards would work here?



Okay I think the solution is actually simpler then, if I’m understanding your workflow correctly. Just to clarify, the limit is 30 status labels per status column, NOT per board. You can have multiple status columns in a board.

  1. to manage the 14ish steps/phases in our Business Development process

If you have less than 30 steps/phases in your Business Development process then you shouldn’t have a problem using a status column for these steps. Or you could even have them as Groups instead and line items move into groups as the progress.

  1. typical workflow status

Again, as long as your workflow doesn’t involve more than 30 steps, you should be good. Even then, you could break it into multiple columns if need be.

  1. tracking team members “timesheet”…

I’m not sure I follow this one, but overall sounds like something Monday can accomplish. There are time tracking options, date columns, timeline columns, formulas(that can determine working days etc.).

Going back to your mention of dashboards, yes you can create a report that could find all these status labels and provide graphs or transformed data depending on what you need. For example:
-How many projects are “Stuck” in “X” step?
-How many projects have a status of “X”?
-How many projects are “Done” in “X” step?

The list goes on and its pretty flexible if you have the right columns. I hope the general information is helpful. Without specifics I can only help with so much, but feel free to contact me for further assistance.