Tip of the week #2: Add some colour to your labels too!

Take your colour creativity to the next level by choosing from 40+ colour options to add to your monday.com labels (used in the status column).

I’ve found these useful when looking to easily show what stage a piece of content is in. For example, ‘red’ can show if an item you’re working on has stalled, yellow to show it is ‘in progress’, lime green to show if it’s ‘in review’ and green to show when it’s in our favourite place, ‘Done’.

Depending on what you’ve named your labels and what you intend to use them for, you can choose the colour scheme that best suits your specific needs - so don’t be afraid to go wild!

2. Dont stop there add some labels too


Love that @arubinomunoz !

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I love using color themes for labels.

My only frustration: I only show 39 color options for labels, and I wish there were at least 50. We have a column for which state (US) a person’s office is located but the system does not allow for 50 labels. We have made that column a dropdown instead, but dropdown columns are not supported when we import a new list from Excel.