More colors in status column

We use status columns for alot of things, and a few times now I have run out of colors to choose from. I do not necessarily want to switch this to a dropdown column, as that can be a bit too unwieldy for my users. Just curious why the color palette stopped at 40 and not more?


The color pallet was actually extended to 40 sometime last year I think. I would imagine its in the works to add more, although I know nothing of the requirements or limitations that comes with it. Might be able to shed light on if this is in the works or not.

The option to add custom colors (using hex codes or something) would also make this more customizable!

I’m also curious, though, why the colors are listed in a seemingly random order? In some cases I want to use a gradient, or pick a specific shade, and it’s hard to search for “just the right blue” when they’re all over the place.

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Hey @travis.mcclellan, @andrewalmand, and @ajwhitman!

Like Andrew mentioned, we did extend the labels to 40 earlier this year. I’m checking with our team to see if more are in the works and will let you know!

Another option depending on your team’s preferences could also be the tags column, which is visual/colorful like the status column: The Tags Column.

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Hey all! Just wanted to follow up on this: we aren’t currently planning to add more labels (it’s not on our roadmap right now), but I’ve passed your feedback to the team and will let you know if I get any updates!

@travis.mcclellan @andrewalmand @ajwhitman

For our purposes, there a MORE than enough colors. However, it would be great if colors could be assigned to more that one label.



Good point! Likewise it’s not the color options that limit us, but the number of labels being tied to the colors. Since that number limits automation options, colors being assigned to more than 1 label would solve that for me at least.

For example lets say I have a status column with the result of a deal offer.
There are several statuses that might mean the deal failed or has been closed.
The client would like to have the same color for all the “won/closed” statuses, and another color for all the “lost/no go” ones.
Today we would have to add a specific status column and automation rules to get that data on the groups and boards summary rows.

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Yep I definitely need this. Right now I just use two very similar colors but I am not a fan.

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