Feature Request - Increasing the range of colours for Group Names

Hi there,

Can we please have the same number of colours available for applying to group names as we do for colouring status boxes (or provide the option to create custom colours).

A lot of the group name colours are redundant in dark mode some tricky to see in normal mode against the white or black background.


I havent ran into this yet, but i think we only have 3 more color choices ourselves. I was trying to think of a different way to organize things if needed. but more colors for group and status would be helpful!

Hey Amanda,

Yeah, I guess it all depends on the boards are laid out and how many groups etc. At the moment there are 30 for for status column colours and only 18 for Group colours. I think it kind of just makes sense that you have the selection available, its almost as if it has just been left behind/overlooked as can’t think of another reason why you wouldn’t.

I still have decent vision (for now…) and once you gone beyond the clearest contrasting colours the rest get a bit washed out either on a the white or dark background.