Can I add a key field to the board?

I’ve got a board that I use to show statuses of work on multiple data fields for multiple clients. I’d like to include a single static text field outside the table where I could put info re the colour key I’m using in the table. This doesn’t seem to be possible. Am I missing something?

Hi @AnnY! By any chance, would you be happy to elaborate a little further on this request? We do have the text column that you could set column permissions on to ensure no one else can edit the column except for yourself or the relevant person. I might be misunderstanding, so please feel free to add some more information :pray:


I have a table/grid that I’m using to put statuses on so that colleagues can see at a glance what the progress on my work is.
This is a small portion of it.

If this was in Excel I’d create a text box above it or off to the side with the colours I’m using for each status & more info on the actual meaning of each. E.g. What I mean by “Complete” & “Almost Complete” etc. Is it possible to do this in Monday? If not, can I add this to the feature requests please?


Ann Young…

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hi @AnnY

If that is static info (like how to use the colors) you can use the board description. See

Yes, I thought of that but it doesn’t display more than the first few characters by default.
Is there a way to set default behaviour to display all the contents??

Thank you for clarifying this for me! Can I ask if you could use the column descriptions for this purpose?

This way when you click on the “i” you can see a description of each value?

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 1.28.56 pm

Let me know!

Hi, Yes, this helps although my colleagues don’t always pick up it’s there! However, I also realised I was trying to error trap for potential misunderstanding so I changed tack. Between column descriptions & the text in each status it’s working well.



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I am glad to hear this! :slight_smile: