Fields form Hidden private board to display on Public/shareable board

I have a board A which has two status columns (X and Y) that indicate the status of a process (e…g, payment). This board is marked as PRIVATE (internal use).

I want to set an ‘External’/Link based board B, which has many other columns, also including the 2 from board A (i.e., X and Y)

I have mirrored the board from A to B which is appearing. I also added a “formula” columns (XX, YY) which takes the fields from X/Y and displays a “Text”. (If a status is blank, it shows “Empty”, if a status has a selection, it shows the status).

When I have enabled the sharing of this view to externals, the Fields X/Y don’t appear (possible because its private board), and XX , YY are showing error messages.

View of errors - XX, YY Board B shows X and Y : XX and YY

I am essentially trying to show private board fields from Board A into Board B, and thought having new columns XX, YY would be able to be a workaround to indicate the status.

Anyone have any suggestions? Greatly appreciated!!

If there are any tips to make the “blank” to not say “Empty”.
I tried ISBLANK with IF statements but I don’t think ISBLANK is an option on Monday?. Thnx