Get Sunday occurences from a timeline column


Is it possible to do a formula that is getting the number of Sundays in a timeline column ?

For example if I set a timeline from Thursday to Sunday, I would like to count 1 in the formula column as I have one Sunday.


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This should do it for you:

ROUNDDOWN((("0" & DAYS({End Date}, {Start Date})) + 0) / 7, 0) + 
      AND(WEEKDAY({Start Date}) <= WEEKDAY({End Date}), WEEKDAY({Start Date}) <= 7, WEEKDAY({End Date}) >= 7), 
      AND(WEEKDAY({Start Date}) > WEEKDAY({End Date}), OR(WEEKDAY({Start Date}) <= 7, WEEKDAY({End Date}) >= 7))
  , 1, 0)

To set a different day of the week, just change the last (not the first one) four "7"s to the day of the week you want to count. 1 = Monday, 7 = Sunday.

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Hi @JCorrell

Wow thank you very much it is very impressive ! I was not thinking we could do that.

Update : I suceeded to implement te formula :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot anyway !


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