Exclude weekends from formula column: Day Count

Has anyone found a way to exclude weekend day counts in a “day count” formula column?

I’m using this to subtract due date columnt from start date column but I don’t want it to count weekend days. I just want actual working/business days.
DAYS({Due date}, {Start date})

Thank you!


Hey Amy,

Ben here, happy to help!

Here is the formula that I would use

ROUND(DAYS({Due date},{Start date})-(2*(WEEKNUM({Due date})-WEEKNUM({Start date}))),1)

The Weeknum function will find the week number of the year - so for example, if we are discussing
December 1st, that is the 48th week. If the start date was November 1st, that would be the 44th week. I then minused the 2, ( which results in 4) meaning that I now have the number of weeks between the 2 days, and then multiplied it by 2, as there are 2 weekend days a week.

Hope this helps:)



Thank you! This works perfectly. I really appreciate you taking the time to work this out for me!!


Hi Ben,

Is it still possible to do this ? I would like to do exactly the same shit.



Works fine thanks! has anyone tried to do the same with timeline bar and succeeded?

Hey @maximepmdc - did the formula Ben added not work for you or are you looking for a different one?

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Hey @yossi.shamir - at this time the Timeline column is not supported in the Formula column but we are looking to add it later this year.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.


With the new “Workload” dashboard widget, it is very helpful to have a timeline column. The problem with timeline columns is they don’t work with formulas, as expressed in this post. Please work quickly to add this functionality.


Hi Ben,
I tried this formula but it’s not working. Can you review and let me know if I missing something?

Here’s what I’m using - there’s a “+1” at the end. Maybe that will help?

ROUND(DAYS({Due date},{Start date})-(2*(WEEKNUM({Due date})-WEEKNUM({Start date}))),1)+1

Thanks Amy. Still no luck :frowning:

Hey All,

Hope all is well!

We actually have another formula that was recently created to help simplify this, perhaps this can help @KS-GBX.

Instead of ROUND(DAYS({Due date},{Start date})-(2*(WEEKNUM({Due date})-WEEKNUM({Start date}))),1) - you can now use WORKDAYS({Date1},{Date}) - (Remember to put the most recent date first) - this will automatically deduct the weekend days from the sum.

Let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with :slight_smile:



Thanks @Ben-monday.com, this works.


Is the code ready yet? Can I skip weekends when calculating the number of days for a task?

Can I skip weekends when calculating the number of days for a task?

As was mentioned multiple times in this topic you can use WORKDAYS({Date1},{Date}) to calculate number of days between 2 dates excluding weekends. Its much cleaner and faster way than formula we needed to use before.
So i guess answer to your question is you can :wink:

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Hi Ben, the WORKDAYS formula is great. Also glad to find it works with the timeline column. I wonder though if there was a way to deduct holidays as well together with this formula. :slight_smile:

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I have the same question! Does anyone know how to do this? :slight_smile: