Exclude weekends from formula column: Day Count

Has anyone found a way to exclude weekend day counts in a “day count” formula column?

I’m using this to subtract due date columnt from start date column but I don’t want it to count weekend days. I just want actual working/business days.
DAYS({Due date}, {Start date})

Thank you!

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Hey Amy,

Ben here, happy to help!

Here is the formula that I would use

ROUND(DAYS({Due date},{Start date})-(2*(WEEKNUM({Due date})-WEEKNUM({Start date}))),1)

The Weeknum function will find the week number of the year - so for example, if we are discussing
December 1st, that is the 48th week. If the start date was November 1st, that would be the 44th week. I then minused the 2, ( which results in 4) meaning that I now have the number of weeks between the 2 days, and then multiplied it by 2, as there are 2 weekend days a week.

Hope this helps:)



Thank you! This works perfectly. I really appreciate you taking the time to work this out for me!!