Calculate workdays in a timeline column when account shows weekends

Is there a way to have the timeline column reflect only workdays if the account is set to include/show weekends?

Note: the account will not be changed to hide weekends so we are looking for a work around.

If the above is not possible then what is an alternative - e.g., set column with number of days to complete the task, second column with due date and third column formula for counting only workdays???

Hey Christine,

I am afraid if that setting is configured to show weekends then they will continue to display in the timeline column. It isn’t currently possible to customise the setting per board. I encourage you to cast your vote on the existing feature request here → Control timeline weekends per board or workspace (which I am currently waiting on an update for!).

In the meantime, does this formula work for you?

WORKDAYS({Timeline#End} , {Timeline#Start})

It will count the number of working days in the timeline column - let me know!