Calculate workdays

Hi All,
Please advise if there any option to count working days in duration column?
The case is that admin can’t change working days for all monday users’ boards in our company and as I understood there is no option to change it by user.
Therefore, I’m searching for solution to define working days and exclude weekends, maybe by some formula? For now, found this option:
However, the weekdays defined from monday-friday, and I need from sunday-thursday.
Maybe there is option to connect duration with calendar?
Thanks in advance!

Hey Ilona! :wave:

So just to clarify, your admin won’t make this change because some people in the company on the account have Monday - Friday schedules and others have Sunday - Thursday weeks? Or is it an issue of technical difficulties trying to change the working days for the account?

Unfortunately, the WORKDAYS formula pulls from the account settings for the working days to calculate how many working days before/between dates. So in order to use that option you mentioned, you will need to update the account settings.

Alternatively, you could do a regular DAYS formula and either just manually check if the timeline includes weekends, or add a part to the formula that subtracts 2 days from whatever the WORKDAYS calculation is. However, the latter solution will not always be correct, as you could have 0 or 1 weekend days in a timeline.

So sorry for the hassle here! Let us know if the issue is indeed that your admin is unable to change the settings and we can look into it!

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