Formula for counting workdays in timeline

Hi, I have a timeline that is used to have employees load the dates they will be out on vacation. The formula appears to be off a day and I could use some help from the Monday Community! Employee will be out May 19, 22 - June 3, 22 should equal 12 workdays, however, when using the formula:

WORKDAYS({Dates of Time Off#End},{Dates of Time Off#Start})

My result is 11 instead of 12. Thanks in advance!

hi @jeana

It shows 12 in my board:

I wonder if this might be a Timezone issue although that is hard to believe. The other thing I would check is your start-of-the-week setting (set to monday in my account)

Wow! Nice catch, yes, moving start of the week to Monday corrected it. Thank you so much, much appreciated.