Workdays formula issue - Part-Time, 3 days per week formula needed!

Hi folks,
This basic formula calculates the number of workdays for a task, based on whatever is entered into the timeline. So far so simple.


This is based on a 5 day week.

If I wanted to do this formula based on a 3 day week what should I do?
i tried multiply by 0.6 to give me a 3 day week but couldn’t get the formula to work as i got wrapped up in commas, brackets etc. Sigh.
Any help appreciated to turn the above formula into workdays for someone working part time 3 days per week!



If you are just looking for the * 0.6 to work:

WORKDAYS({Timeline#End},{Timeline#Start}) * 0.6


ROUND(WORKDAYS({Timeline#End},{Timeline#Start}) * 0.6, 0)

Thanks @JCorrell !
Simple, I’m sure, but made my day a lot easier!
Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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