HELP ! Time off requests / Vacations / Timeline days calculation / Vacation rights

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I am currently setting up the workflow for employee time off requests (via forms) and I have trouble with the formulas :sleepy:

I would like a formula where
1- That would count the workdays off in the ‘‘vacation days’’ column if status is ‘‘vacation’’
2- That would count the workdays off in the ‘‘sick day’’ column if status is ‘‘sick day’’ or ‘‘acident’’
3- That would count the workdays off in the ‘‘other leaves’’ column for the remaining status
4- I would also like a formula that counts the days off with the timeline option or an automated population of the timeline with choosing two dates (for visibility on the shared calendar)

Lastly I would like one last formulas that deducts the vacations rights formula from the the vacations taken already and display the remaining days left.



@JCorrell It wold be amazing if you could also help me on this one :smiley:


Glad to help.

Although you didn’t ask for it, if you put the details in subitems, as show below, adding up all the values would be easy using mirror columns.

For the formulas, Here’s for vacation:

IF({Status}="Vacation",WORKDAYS({To Date},{From Date}),"")


IF(OR({Status}="Sick",{Status}="Accident"),WORKDAYS({To Date},{From Date}),"")

And Other:

IF(AND({Status}<>"Vacation",{Status}<>"Sick",{Status}<>"Accident",{Status}<>""),WORKDAYS({To Date},{From Date}),"")

In order to use a timeline column to set the To Date and From Date columns you would need to use another tool like Integromat or General Caster (in the monday app marketplace).

But, you also could just use the timeline column and get rid of the the other date columns. In this case, the formulas would change to this form:

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You are a Monday God :pray:t2: :angel:t2:Thank you!

I have 2 other questions

1- Is there a possibility to calculate the vacations rights at the end of the year (dec 31.yyyy)
For exemple → I will have 2 years of senority in the company in June therefore I can claim 1 additional day of holiday but I can only claim it for the next year after dec 31.yyyyy.

The Actual formula calculates it as of now 25 + IF({Years}>2,1,0) + IF({Years}>4,1,0) + IF({Years}>6,1,0) + IF({Years}>8,1,0) + IF({Years}>10,1,0)

2- How can I link the BOARD B we have the pending vacations and validated vacations of each employee. Take the SUM of vacations days and have this info found in ‘‘vacations validated’’ on BOARD A. I was thinking about doing a mirror column but i don’t think its going to work since there is mutiple vacation requets. The other option would be to have new ‘‘new item’’ vacations created transformed into subtask directly, but i think it’s not posssible.

PS: THANK YOU you are saving me :partying_face:




I think it might be best if we connect directly to finish this up. I will DM you.


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