Vacation requests

I’m trying to create a board that shows the following:

  • accrued vacation time (can be input manually)
  • holiday type (holiday, overtime or another type of day off)
  • amount of days taken off (holiday days taken off have to count Saturday as a day off as well, not just Monday-Friday)

As an example:
Richard has 24 days of accrued holiday to use. He will take off the following days:

  • Mon 8th - Sat 27th Jan = 18 days of holiday used
  • Thu 1st - Fri 2nd Feb = 2 days of holiday used
  • Wed 7th - Sat 10th Feb = 4 days of holiday used

I’m trying to avoid creating a board in which we will have input one day of holiday as a line (“task”) each, as that will become very tedious. But I’m struggling to create a formula that would count from the Start Date and End Date columns the amount of days used, which in this case would have to always include Saturday, and a formula that would count the amount of holiday days used and deduct these from the accrued holidays (thus always showing the most up to date amount of holiday leftover to use).

Please let me know if something is unclear, I’m still trying to get this straight in my own head! :sweat_smile:

Hi There!

My recommendation would be to rather use a timeline column then connect a duration column to the timeline column for the day count.

You then can use the work calendar to set the workdays you want for that team so that the board translates.

Once you have these, it will be easy to translate to the employee record the number of says used and have the acquired time as well calculate from the formula.

We have build these workflows before, and have an example of what this might look like if you want to look at something that operate per your workflow.

Just reach out when you are ready to partner!

Mike B
Automation Architect