Creating a Holiday / Vacations Board in Monday

I am trying to create a holiday board or vacations board that will count holidays taken. I will need help with formulas and some automation to achieve this.
The Users fill out a form in which creates a line in the table, it emails the user, the two key people and HR then when the holiday is authorised or rejected it emails a reply.

We will need Formulas for the following.
The Holiday chart starts the 1 st June and finishes the 31 May the following year. Normally everyone has 25 days holiday excluding weekends. Though we can manually amend this for a part time person.

We need to count or deduct holidays taken from 25 in the dates between 1 June and 31 May. As a Formula.
number of days taken. FORMULA deducting from 25 or another number From date starting from 1 june and finishing 31 May.
We will count Unpaid leave.
We will count sick days which can be manually added. Indemnités de maladie
We need to count Absence exception Approved exceptions of leave.
We need to be able to add to the following year’s holiday allowance from the previous year by noting unused holidays and adding it to the entitlement of 25. Manual is ok. Example 25 plus 5 days. 30. Jours
The board also needs to be able to count how many days holiday someone has taken in a month so each month the Salary team can pay the correct salary. Example Joe Smith 5 days holiday in January, by month.
Formula for the person, leave taken and month.
So we can either run a report a pdf by month or a bar chart or on the Gant Chart it shows who is on leave that month. Either of the three is fine, one solution is super.
Then the board needs to run or flow on to the next year. Namely the following June onwards.
The requests are automated and the form connects to the board directly.

Hi @Jonathandataengineer - there are a lot of elements that you are bringing forward that may require a complex design to ensure data accuracy.

Personally, I would split the employees out to their own board (Resource Overview) with the allotted vacation days per year, plus columns to count sick days, approved leaves, etc. Based on the type of request entered, it would connect the request back to the resource board and deduct the days when approved. We would utilize a 3rd party app like General Caster (for example) to ensure only working days are taken into consideration and excluding weekends and holidays if entered.

We would then build some automations on June 1 to roll over unused days from the previous period and reset the outstanding days to 25 per resource. This would likely require 3rd party app intervention to manage.

The entire design should likely be scoped in further detail to ensure everything is achieved as expected. Happy to discuss how we can be of further assistance. Book A Discovery Session - Green Llamas Consulting