How do I create a Holiday Sheet with different functions?

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to create a holiday sheet that logs everyone’s holidays along with other functions such as taking holiday off everyone’s individual limits. As well as having the option to choose half days i.e AM or PM, if anyone can help it would be deeply appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have the same concern. I believe most of the users might have thought of the same, how to exclude holidays and come up with the correct count of working dates.
I’m thinking of creating a holidays board as basis of all the dates to be excluded on my formula from a separate board but I’m stuck.

This may be helpful for some…

We have a board that schedules recurring activities. The scheduling parameters are fairly complex with multiple frequency types, lead times, holiday and weekend considerations, etc. Because of the complexity and monday’s automation limitations, we use Integromat to do the actual item creation of new activities. I found that the about half of the due date calculations could be done relatively easily using the Integromat formulas. For the others, I write the pertinent data to a Google spreadsheet and read back the results of the contained formulas. I use the Google sheets because I could not get Excel to do the calculations instantly.

Going to this level is overkill for most. But for us, it works extremely well.

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