Employee Time-Off Tracking


I am trying to set up an employee time off tracking board so we can ensure people are not going over on their time off and to have a place to track all time-off requests. I am hoping to set up a formula that will auto-calculate the # of business days being used depending on the type of time off being requested.

For example, if Amanda requests time off and the Type is changed to “Vacation” I would like the Vacation Days Used column to auto-calculate the number of vacations being used. If I mark the Type as “Sick Time”, I want the Sick Days Used the column to auto calculate the number of days used. Please see the attached screen shot.

I am also open to other ways of tracking this as well. I just need to ensure I can clearly see how many vacation, sick, or banked days have been used.




Hey @amanda_swys ,

Thanks for asking! This is a great question and use case!

What you could do here, would be to create 3 different formulas, one for each column! I was able to create this on a board (see below).

Based on your columns and status labels, can you use the following formulas?

Vacation: IF({Status} = “Vacation”, DAYS({From}, {To}), “-”)
Sick: IF({Status} = “Sick”, DAYS({From}, {To}), “-”)
Banked: IF({Status} = “Banked”, DAYS({From}, {To}), “-”)

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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