Time off request form not displaying correct number of workdays

I’m using the monday.com template for a time off request form and the “Working Days” column only subtracts one days from the Calendar Days. I need it to subtract Saturday and Sunday from the Working Days column. If it’s coming from monday.com, I would expect it to work correctly, but maybe I’m doing something wrong. Here are the formulas:

Calendar days: DAYS({Time off Dates#End},{Time off Dates#Start})
Working Days: WORKDAYS({Time off Dates#End},{Time off Dates#Start})

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m fairly sure everything in my account setup is correctly.

Hi @maffrandj - the formulas you are using should work, however since you are using a timeline column maybe check you setup to include weekends? Administration > General.

Not sure if this will fix it but its worth a look.

Just changing this setting may solve the issue without needing a formula (unless you need to include weekends elsewhere in monday).


I thought about that… Just made the change and resubmitted a time off request. Unfortunately that didn’t work. :frowning:

Hey @maffrandj - that is 6 working days if we include the start and end date. However it should show 8 calendar days. Looking at the DAYS() function, this is actually by design however misleading… I would just add a +1 to your DAYS() function and leave the WORKDAYS() function as is.

Below is the Excel example (same formula) and it thier example it shows the following:

How did I not catch that? That took care of it. Thank you for the help!

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