Need to remove weekends from a formula


For due date estimation I am using the below formula.
LEFT(FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Start Date},{Time Est})),6) I need this date to include just the weekdays. How should I do that?

@MaitriMehta Welcome to the Monday Community!

There is actually a function already built for this:

Function: WORKDAYS
Description: Returns the number of working days between the two dates
Example: WORKDAYS({TO_DATE}, {FROM_DATE}) => working days between dates in days

Replace your ADD_DAYS function with this, format accordingly and it should work.

You can see a full list of formulas here: List of all available formulas – Support . From there you can also find some use cases that might be helpful.

EDIT - You may want to check your accounts setting for workdays as well. It might be set to SUN-THUR by default.

@andrewalmand That gives the number of days in that time period and i need a date. I want to add time estimated (which is in days) to the start date, to automatically generate the due date. Using this formula I get the due date but it also considers weekends, I want to remove weekends for the calculation. I hope its not too confusing.

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@MaitriMehta You are correct, I misread your question.

I’ve actually accomplished this exact formula before so let me search around and see if I can dig it up.

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Thanks @andrewalmand, I look forward!

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@MaitriMehta Even better! There is an unlisted function that does exactly what you need:


I found it here: Formula Use Cases

So your formula should look something like WORKDAY({Start Date},{Time Est}). You will want to format it accordingly but I just tested it and I get only work days as the result, no weekends.

@andrewalmand, this works perfect. Thank you so much!
I have another query, If i want to create a dependency on my subitems based on the resources assigned, how should I do that? For instance, I change the start and end date of a task for an assignee, the start date of his next task should also be updated. How should I do that

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@MaitriMehta Glad it worked!

Regarding dependencies, I would start here: How to Set Dependencies on – Support

I don’t have much experience working with Dependencies but I know that it’s a long standing feature of Monday and used for this exact case. But please note that It won’t be able to detect your date generated in the Formula column. Results from fx columns are calculated client side which limits their interaction with other Monday features. If that causes an issue you may want to check out General Caster as it would allow you to workaround this limitation.