Trying to figure out my date formula is not working

We created this formula using the new AI feature and AI says this formula should work great. IF({Date},WORKDAY({Date},11)+WEEKDAY(WORKDAY({Date},11),3)-5)

This formula checks if a date is entered in the “Date” column, and returns a due date 11 workdays later, taking into account weekends. The due date is set to the Wednesday of that week, using the WEEKDAY function.

However it is returning an exclamation point. Anyone know how to get a future date set in a due date column that is always a future Wednesday?

Hi Amy,

I’ve reached out to our expert formula team so they can take a closer look at what is happening. I will get back to you as soon as they reply :pray:

Hey Amy, thanks for your patience!

I’ve heard back from our formula gurus - just to clarify, you’re looking to add 11 days to whatever date is in the Date column, while including weekends? If this is the case, you can use the following formula:


The format date function is used simply to have the output display in a clear format, but the main function would be the: ADD_DAYS({Date},11)

If you do not want weekends included then WORKDAY({Date},11) would be the function, however, this function includes the starting date as day 1 so for example - If the date is September 21st and you use that WORKDAY function, it will return October 5th (if the workday in the system is set up M-F)… If the date is on a weekend, it will not count that date in the WORKDAY function - For example, if the date is September 23rd, it will return October 9th… It depends on what workdays are set up in your account too.

Please let me know if this is clear!