Add Days to a Date but Ignore Weekends

I’ve seen multiple discussions about this topic but none have addressed my particular scenario very well.

I have a Date Arrv’d column. When that columns changes, the task is auto moved to the next bucket and the Deadline column is set to today and then pushed by 1 day.

But when a shipment arrives on a Friday it sets the Deadline date as Saturday, not Monday.

How do I fix this? How do I ignore weekends in my automations?

Is there a way to use the ADD_DAYS or WORKDAYS formulas? I’ve seen this formula: RIGHT(LEFT(CONCATENATE(WORKDAY({Start Date}, ({Deadline Days}))), 15), 11). But I don’t like that the date is MMM DD YYYY.

But, also, when I attempt to use that formula, I can’t use that column in an automation. I’m trying to automate as much of this board as possible.


This should get you started:
FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Date}, {Add Days} + 1),"YYYY/MM/DD")

With regard to automations, formulas are not currently supported in automations.

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