Push 2 days if "Target Date" falls weekend

Hi I am using monday.com automation to calculate and set “Target Finish Date” column by calculation of Start Date(date column) and Dead line days (number column)

Everything works well but I need to change a bit to push 2 days of “Target Finish Date” column if “target finish date” falls weekend. For example if Today is 26th January , 2022 (wednesday) and Dead Line Days(number) is 4, the result is in “Target Finish Date” Column should be 1 February (Tuesday) 2022 and NOT 30 January (Sunday) 2022, pushing 2 days further because we don’t work on the weekends.

  1. I tried this formula “RIGHT(LEFT(CONCATENATE(WORKDAY({Start Date}, ({Deadline Days}))), 15), 11)” IT works great
    but then I could not find how to convert Formula column to Target Finish Date(Date) column

  2. Secondly I use “castor general” app it works but some how Target Finish Date(Date) returns “1 Jan, 1970” no matter what the “Start Date” is and not 1 February 2022

How can I achieve my goal ?

Thanks in advance

General Castor
TEXT(WORKDAY(DATEVALUE({item’s Start Date}), {item’s Deadline Days}), “YYYY-MM-DD”)

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