I want to shift a date by pushing number of days and ignoring the weekends in that calendar


I want to push a date column by certain number of days by ignoring the weekends in the calendar.

Note : I do not want this for a timeline column but a date column.

Hi @aquibk

I don’t think monday.com supports the concept of business days out-of-the-box. There are several options to achieve this:

  • using a formula, but the output of a formula can’t be used in an automation
  • using no code development (Zapier / Integromat)
  • build your own app

Alternatively I can build an app that can do this but it needs to be very generic so many people can benefit. If that is the way you want to proceed I have a few questions:

  • what would trigger the data move?
  • what is your definition of weekend / weekdays
  • do you need to account for public holidays and if so what are these


Thanks for the reply,!

  1. Well I have already used a formula column for the same but as you said,we can’t use it for further automations so here comes it’s limitation.

  2. Can you please specify a bit that how can we use it through zapier as earlier also i’ve tried using it.
    3)Yes,It can be done but we can also try to make a customize calendar for date column in monday.com and provide a feature for hiding weekends and flexibility at the user level for selecting the weekends of their choice and blocking them in calendar.
    It’ll benefit in a case like if I have set an X-Start Date for 5th Feb 2021 which is a Friday ,now i want my X-End Date to be pushed by 2 working days which should ideally be set as 9th Feb 2021 ignoring the weekends of Sat and Sun for 6th and 7th Feb.

  3. Please consider the above case as a trigger if we are going to follow recipe approach.

  4. Well, weekends are those on which the user is not working but still due to the certain automation,it is reflecting on the above said day/date on that very closed day.

  5. Well, that is also quite generic to cover because we all do have some public holidays in all the regions across the globe so it would be quite useful if an end user gets an option of setting its own set of public holidays and weekends.

hi @aquibk

  1. Maybe the General Caster app can help out if that app support the WORKDAY function

  2. I don’t have experience in Zapier, and as for Integromat I am not sure if they support someting like a weekend or workday concept

  3. It would be great if there was an option for the date column that always move weekend dates to the next monday. But given the fact that weekends are not the some everywhere in the world I doubt that this will happen.

  • What I meant by trigger is: what is the action that initiate the date move. Is it a status change or another kind of action initiated by the user
  • I understand what a weekend is :slight_smile: my concern is that some of us defines weekend as Saturday/Sunday but there are regions where the weekend is Friday/Saturday
  • same for public holidays, it is less obvious as you might think

Hi @basdebruin

1)General Caster - Is this an app in monday market place? If yes, I am unable to find the same.
2) I’ve tried zapier as well, where I do not found any option for hiding weekends or pushing the dates excluding weekends.
3)Yes ,It would be great if we come up with the option at calendar level, where a user has an option of setting the weekends of it’s choice.
4) The trigger could be some date change based on which the other dates are going to shift. Apart from that, we can also have it at item creation and column change triggers but the action is also at the item level only.
5) In our region ,It is SAT and SUN.
6) We may keep Public holidays for feature request in future.


Yes, General Castor is published in the marketplace.

But I don’t know why I am unable to find this.

You have to look in the marketplace. Avatar > Marketplace. The screenshot you are showing is not from the marketplace.

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Well Thank You…!!

I got the app and tried the available recipes but its actually doing the same thing what we can achieve from the formula column.

Hey @aquibk, another thought—if you’re at all open to using the timeline, you can hide weekends there through the Admin section. That may be helpful.

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Hey @TRB-monday.com ,Yes we can use timeline in that case but unfortunately we won’t be able to apply such automations on timeline like we can do in date columns(pushing date by no. of days).

Hey @aquibk, that’s a good point! The “push date” function is only available with the date columns, but the date column won’t do business days. Using things like the WORKDAYS function in the formula column to keep it to business days only and combining with the “push date” automation sounds like the way to go here:

Many of these automations will also adjust dates, and are supported with the timeline—worth looking into maybe!

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