Only include Business Days in Due Date Formula

I’m currently using a formula to automatically generate a due date for a task based on when the user starts working on that task and the number of estimated days it’s going to take.

For clarification: I have a 'Date Started" column that generates the current date based on when the item is switched to working on it; an “Estimated Days” column with the number of estimated days to complete the task, and then a “Due Date” column.

In my due date column, I currently have the below formula:

FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Date Started},{Estimated Days}),“MMM DD”)

Is there a way I can set this up to only account for business days?
For example, if I start a task on Thursday and it takes an estimated 3 days, I’d like the due date not to read Sunday, but to read Monday.

Thanks in advance.

A similar issue was answered by Monday staff last year. It’s not exactly the same but it may provide a direction for a solution.

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