Get the complexity on mutation

Hello everyone,

Using GraphQL I can ask for the complexity of a query. For example, I can do

query {
  complexity {
  users {

and get a response such as:

  "data": {
    "complexity": {
      "query": 2010
   "users":  [
      // list of users

Reading some posts (Query Complexity), I see that mutations also have complexity. Where can I retrieve (or find) this information?

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Hi @vitor.lima!

At this time I’m afraid that there isn’t a complexity field for mutations like there are for queries.

However, this is something our team is looking to implement soon. As such, I’ve moved this to our Feature Requests section.

Will followup here once the feature has been released!

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Hi @Helen!

Thanks for you response. Looking forward for any updates on this feature.

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