Getting 'Message' Field Type Property Values

I’m building a new Integration App that has a Recipe that notifies a user in another platform whenever an Item’s Status changes. Similar to the Slack integration recipe, I would like to allow the user to input a custom message with the option to auto-populate Item properties.

For example,

I managed to get this input option using the ‘Message’ field type. However, once a trigger occurs and the custom action for the recipe is executed, the message content payload contains the placeholder property specified by the user instead of the actual values.

For example,

Any guidance that can point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated!

hi @gmontalvo

I think this is expected behavior and you need to do the parsing in your own code (which is not too hard to do). I am not 100% sure but it looks the same as e.g. the input field for the scheduler, the payload is just what the user typed / selected and nothing more.

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Thank you for the quick response @basdebruin. Do you have any examples on how to do the parsing? Ideally I would like to parse these values in a dynamic way since additional different values may be created in the future.

The exact statements are language dependent, in NodeJS you can use .e.g.

theInput.replace(/{quarter}/g, thisDate.quarter);

You would need to get the data with some API calls. I would say the best thing to do is to read the entire item with something like:

 const query = `query($itemId: [Int], $columnId: [String]) {
    items (ids: $itemId) {
      column_values() {

The pulse. matches the id returned by the API call

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Got it, thanks again @basdebruin!