GraphQL Example for Postman

Hi I am having trouble getting postman to communicate with API. Can anyone post a very basic example query that I can run to see where I am going wrong? Very much appreciated

I do as follows, where the authorization header contains your api key:


I get a feeling the GraphQl option may help me in postman, but was doing this for C# integration work.

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You got me thinking about postman so here is the equivalent with graphql:


Thank you so much. From your example I realised what I have been typing incorrectly

I hadn’t included the https:// in the path above. I had the query string correct, but it was returning “no query string present” so kept on focusing on this. I hadn’t thought to look above for the issue

Really appreciated and thanks I will check out the GraphQl example you just posted also

Had fun with this, the graphql variables make things better in postman

Thats great thanks :slight_smile: worked a treat!

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