Have "schedule option" on Email & Activities like the one on Email

I don’t understand why this is not a feature yet!
Is this not important enough or too difficult?

From an Excel spreadsheet, I can send mass targeted scheduled emails with attachments to my contact list. Emails will be personalized and delivered within business hours according to the time zone. From there, I managed to translate the logic into AirTable and I can do it from there.
The only reason I stick to Monday is that I don’t have the time to migrate to AirTable which 20$ per month vs 50$ for Monday CRM.

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Hello there @traffik-world,

I understand the frustration here. I will add your vote and your feedback about this feature in the request we have open so it can hopefully help push this :slightly_smiling_face:

How do we escalate this and get visibility to the roadmap. The lack of this feature will likely cause me to not renew.

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Hello @grootwassink,

I have added your vote for this request.

Having said that, I do not have an ETA on it.

I will share your feedback with the team.


Any updates on this? It looks like there’s a lot of interest in the feature, and it really should be an easy fix!

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Hey! No ETA on it yet Sammy.

Note for moderators: Since this feature is for the Email & Activities app (not the developer framework), I’m going to move it into the general feature requests category. FYI @Matias.Monday @rachelatmonday @BiancaT


Same. This feature is a must have. Any timeline established to adding it?


Please! This is so necessary. As a PM who is often in different time zones from my team, I feel TERRIBLE when I am notifying them at sometimes 3AM their time with updates and requests. The lack of features surrounding muting notifications on mobile makes this doubly worse. It is terrible for productivity.


Hi there,

Any update on this feature request?

I just signed up for the sales CRM and am really disappointed this is not an option.

I work part time, and often evenings and weekends and really do not want to be bugging my clients and prospects at odd hours…

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Hi Matias,

Is this feature in the pipeline to be built soon? This is terribly disappointing and makes us use our Gmail accounts instead which leads to loss of communication we see in Email&activities…

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Hello Mathias,
I just added my vote on this feature request. And if you could share any updates if/and when this feature will be implemented. Of if the RD team has even considered implementing. Cause it has been over a year since Ofuks001 introduced the request.
Any information you can share will be of highest value to the community.
Best Regards,

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Adding another vote for this - Monday is built on scheduling things! It’s pretty disappointing that this isn’t even acknowledged as a future roadmap item yet. I can compensate for the poor HTML email creation by using an external tool to make my HTML emails, but when I go to send, I have to send in real time. Please put this critical feature in the roadmap.

Adding another vote as well. I often work late nights and would rather schedule something for a reasonable time later in the day than send an email dated at 2:03am. It’s weird that it’s not a feature already.


I just moved out of work management program in Monday to the CRM program and pretty sure I Lost my delay send option. That makes no sense. In the CRM I need this feature more.