Automatic daily log of contacts updates or timeline

I need to know if Monday CRM will send an automated email daily at 3.30pm to 1-3 email addresses showing any additions to the timeline for any contacts for the day.

I can see using the app if I click on a contact then I can type in a meeting note as an update at the bottom of the screen. This then shows under updates on the app or under emails and activities on the desktop version.

I am hoping to use this as a basic daily activity log for a sales rep that sends a email of their sales calls daily to the branch manager.

Any ideas or similar ways of doing this?

Hey Ross! Happy to suggest some ideas here! :blush:

If you’re looking to send out an email as a sort of daily log of what is being tracked in your Updates Section/Emails & Activities app, you can click the three-dot icon in the top right of your Updates Section and click “Email Preference” then “Daily email”.

Alternatively, within the automations center, you can automate a notification/email to be sent out daily at whatever time you like with either the “Every time period” trigger, or you could use “When date arrives” trigger, which will allow you to populate the email field with content from your board. This means your emails will be dynamic, and show new information as your board changes.

If you opt for the “when date arrives” trigger, it is also worth setting up an automation recipe like “When date has passed, set date to today” so that your date column (which triggers the email) constantly refreshes itself daily to the current date.

Do any of these ideas sound like they could be a good fit for what you’re looking for? Let me know what you think! :blush: