Have "schedule option" on Email & Activities like the one on Email

Have “schedule option” on Email & Activities like the one on Email when sending email to somebody. So we can have an option to write an email today and schedule to be send next day in the morning

Hello @ofuks001!

Thank you for that feature request.

I will make sure to pass it to our R&D team so it can be considered :muscle:


I asked for this over a year ago and you guys said the same thing…

An alternate idea would simply to allow a date/time field to control a status column precisely (down to the minute), and then have that status column trigger the email or SMS (through Twilio) to be sent. Right now there is a craziness in which you have to choose what hour (and only the hour – no minutes allowed!) to have an automation take effect. Soooooo much easier to allow the date/time to control the status change. EG the automation would read “when date/time arrives, change status to send” and then trigger the email or sms to be sent when the status changes to send.

I hope you guys realize all major email systems allow scheduled sending… this is not some kind of minor feature you are missing… millions upon millions of people want to schedule emails/sms

Hello there @slothzero !

Thank you for the feedback.

I will share this with our team so that it can be taken into account :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi There,
Any update on this?
Would really love to see this feature implemented


Hi Matias,

Any update on this?

Hello there @Jesus!

I do not have an update on this at the moment.


Desperately seeking this feature too! Schedule send / Send later is a godsend.