[VITAL|URGENT] Email Scheduling (with STO), Domain based contact-account matching and enrichment, Rich Text Field - Make Monday CRM from ill-equipped to market-leader

Unifying best-of-breed does not mean using best-of-breed to cater for basic, essential functionalities.

As of now, there is no POC that will sell this CRM to the Competitive Modern SME/Enterprise, that it is marketed to, maybe provide a hedge for companies have assembled its tech stack in the morning, after a million-dollar Vegas-outing.

The following features are absolutely baseline to Monday’s target, and without the first, it’s going to build a horrible reputation with the potential to be cycled out permanently from the premiere CRM because of it.

  1. State-of-the-art Email Scheduling in the Emails and activites app - ESSENTIAL, really, Monday shouldn’t be live without this.
    Email scheduling is an essential part of the sales workflow, no rep sends out emails ad-hoc, 95% of our emails are sent out scheduled, and this is non-less the case with every other quality sales org.
    Without this, Monday will be overlooked and abandoned with a lasting bad impression as this implies inconsideration of what modern digital sales looks like and what sales effectiveness needs.


Delicacy for massive market advantage:
2. Send Time Optimization
This is not at all hard to obtain and will build MASSIVE traction in the CRM market regardless and will win back every customer who turned away from Monday due to the previous scheduling fiasco.

Monday’s going to be like Microsoft 365 for a rational company - essential IT infrastructure.

HubSpot’s professional sales hub includes STO for email scheduling (Send Later → best time in 24 hours/1 week/12 hrs), Salesforce’s Einstein’s, and D365 Marketing’s STOs can both be used for sales execution.

I don’t know the math for you, and nor SalesHubPro, nor Einstein/D365Marketing cost 30 bucks a month, but if it can be solved from 50k annually, it’s an OPPORTUNITY NOT TO MISS!

Premium baseline:
3. Domain based contact-account matching (totally automatic, even during imports!) and domain-based enrichment:
Even Zoho has a data enrichment AI called ZIA, which makes a CRM real, it makes it go live.
Without this, orgs are stuck negotiating and implementing a heavyClearbit subscription, which is absolute nonsense.

Rich Text Field: Baseline, needs one library, massive functional improvements. There is a myriad of operations and data structures that require it, and it cannot be solved with combining other columns.

Currently we are looking at a set of database-tables that little more than a rebranded version of the CRM-workspace template, with severely ill-equipped communications and data functionality.

With these updates, we will be looking at the most flexible, innovative and effective CRM that is on the market for any organization.

I suggest you vote on this Have "schedule option" on Email & Activities like the one on Email