Help: Limiting/rounding numeric digits after the decimal

I am noticing that when I create a mirror column there is no way to limit or round the numeric digits after the decimal point.

  • I am mirroring a numeric column in subitems.
  • The source numeric column numbers have have no decimals.
  • I am mirroring using an AVE (average) aggregate function.

The result is that the mirrored result shows a decimal and even up to 3 numbers after the decimal. This makes my dashboard look “goofy”. Yes, I realize that I can use a Formula column to fix this problem, but Monday does not allow dashboards to read Formula columns, so I cannot use that. Also, I’m not looking to go and buy an app to take care of basic functionality like this, I would rather use the core functionality of Monday.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
Thank You.


Hi @jetblue,

It’s little work to set up initially, but if it’s going to be less than 1000 per month, you can use ‘Column Magic’ to copy the formula output so your dashboard can read it in a appropriate column. After 1000 it becomes the small additional cost you mentioned you’d prefer to avoid, but before 1000 is free.

Outside of that I’m not sure how you could alter the output or get around the mirrors. Happy to chat all things anytime if you wanted to try and figure it out together :slight_smile:

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That’s good information. I’m going to try that app. I just went and looked at it, it says “100 Ops per month” for the free version. Do you know what defines an “Op”? Does it mean 100 columns being hosted per month or something else?

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