Formula column: Add options for decimal places and number formats

Please add following two options to formula columns containing numbers:

(1) Decimal places: 0, 1, 2, 3
This would result in showing always the selected number of decimal places; e.g. 123.00 if decimal places = 2 has been selected

(2) Format: America (9,999.999), Europe (9.999,999)

These two options are essential in order to use number columns for any financial activity (quotes, orders, invoices, financial reports, etc.).

If these options are made available via options panel or via formulas, it does not matter to the user I suppose. But it is crucial that the DocuGen app can also use the same results for documents to generate.

Thank you very much!

Hello guys!
Did you get an update on this post?
I have the same problem, and don’t know what to do!
My DocuGen app invoices doesnt look good with no decimal at all on some numbers and 3 decimals on others.



Support promised us that this will be solved with the next update end of March 2023.


Please solve this as soon as possible. It is a small update but on our user side it is monumental for autogenerated proposals, invoices, and anything financial.


Has this been solved? As I really need them to solve this.


Formula columns containing numbers do still NOT have the options for decimal places and format. Could the monday dev team give high priority to it???


Any update on this?


This is a really crucial feature for us to automate our proposal, contract and invoice generation process. Could any of the support staff give us an update regarding this feature?

Any movement on this? Seems pretty basic not to have it anyway… :roll_eyes:

Monday in many respects seems a toy, seem to lack real life business use when designing it.

This is just another example of a very basic thing that is not implemented.

Also this childish color scheme… give full control over board colors pls so we can choose business colors we like instead of arbitrary fancy fair colors.

A workaround could be to create a formula column linked to your amount column, with this kind of formula:
if({Amount}>=1000,rounddown({Amount}/1000,0) & “.” & right(“000” & rounddown({Amount} - 1000rounddown({Amount}/1000,0),0), 3), “”) & if({Amount}<1000, rounddown({Amount} - 1000rounddown({Amount}/1000,0),0) ,“”) & “,” & right(“00” & (({Amount}*100) - rounddown({Amount},0)*100),2) & " €"

For 1234 in the amount column, you will display 1.234,00 € in the formula column. You can easily remove the"." to have 1234,00 €. You can use the formula column in DocuGen.

Agreed, this should be something we can add in the formula column - especially for the use with DocuGen.

I would want to elaborate a bit and say that we can also leave off the , when needed. We use the number column for currency, but also for numbers that identify customers. There numbers are 6 digits and do not need a comma, but we have not found a way to omit it.

Using a text field isn’t an option due to this is attached to a form and we only want to allow the use to input numbers.