Hour column 12/24h format in API


When retrieving Hour column via API, the text field of column_values is always formatted in 12h format. I would expect it to be formatted based on configured format.

Example API response, where hour column is configured to 24h format and hour_1 to 12h format:

    "id": "hour",
    "text": "05:00 AM",
    "value": "{\"hour\":5,\"minute\":0,\"changed_at\":\"2021-12-12T22:09:27.203Z\"}"
    "id": "hour_1",
    "text": "12:00 PM",
    "value": "{\"hour\":12,\"minute\":0,\"changed_at\":\"2022-03-05T15:02:04.517Z\"}"

Would it be possible to get text value formatted based on configured format?


It doesn’t look like that’s possible.

  • text — Always in 12-hour format
  • value.hour — Always in 24-hour format, corresponding to how you set a value of that column type via the API

What were you trying to do? Did you need to transform the value to ensure it was always normalized to 24-hour to be consistent with other data on your end?