Breaking changes: strict validation for column values after Oct 11

From October 11th, 2022, we’ll be validating the JSON you send to update column values. Sending unexpected values will return an error. For example:

To update an hour column, you must send the hour and minute in 24-hour format.


If you send an unexpected value, for example:


You will see an error saying that “hour” should be a number and that the “minute” key is missing.

Validation will not only check for expected keys, but for types as well. Sending a string when an integer is expected will result in an error, for example.

How should I respond to this change?

If you are updating column values, you should confirm you are sending expected values by comparing them to our Column Types Reference here: Column Types Reference

Are these changes being applied already? For example, it seems like for status column updates, the label now has to match exactly (including upper and lower cases).

Hi @jorgepasco,

Welcome to the community! we hope you like it here :rocket:

This is an improvement to some of our column value validation errors. Other column validations were already working as expected.