How can you check that a webhook update is sent from Monday?


I have successfully integrated Monday webhooks to my project, but now I wish to make it secure as well. What can I do to ensure that the data I receive is actually sent from Monday?

This seems to be the same question as can be found here

However that post has not gotten an answer yet at the time of this post so I figured it would be best to make a new post about it.

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@Andy_Monday its the same question and I’m still waiting for an answer.
I’m afraid monday webhooks are not secured at the moment but I’m happy I’m not the only one caring.


@Andy_Monday – good point! Would love you to upvote the feature request :slight_smile: Webhook validity check

I have also voted for it now.
Thanks for opening my eyes to that there was a vote system.

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Yeah! Only items in the Feature Feedback section can be voted for though :slight_smile: