How do delete an app?

So, if I look at My Apps, I have this:

I can see a “Create App” button, but no “Delete App” button.

My problem is, that I read Versioning where I say stuff like:

When you’ve finished working on your draft and want to release it to your users, click the three dot menu on the far right and select Promote to live.

… except, there is no “Promote to live” choice, there is only “Publish” - and when I clicked that, I got asked about something about promotion, I guess, and I clicked something just so it keeps going - and I’ve had this state in the past 15 minutes now:

It just stands there spinning, and it remains on status “Promoting”…

I just wanted an iframe that would show a local network website - however, that turns out to be not as trivial as I hoped it would be …

So, now I’d like to delete this app, and try again. How do I do that? A screenshot of where exactly I should click would be much appreciated

Found it: after having clicked on the app, choose General/Basic Information, then scroll all the way down to the bottom, there is “Delete App”: