How do I get the parent item ID from a subitem column change trigger with Zapier?


When I use the trigger Specific Column Value Changed in Board in for a subitem, I would need it’s item parent ID to reference it in another formula / automation. This information doesn’t show up in the different output fields in Zapier. I saw in the documentation that there seems to be a way to query the subitem’s parent item ID (Subitems) but since I’m new at this, I’m not too sure how to do it :wink:

Any help is more than welcome!


I also needed the parent item id. What I ended up doing was bypassing’s direct Zapier integration and using the Webhook integration within the monday board, and the webhook trigger in Zapier, and in that format the parent ID is passed to zapier(but without all the subitem column values, so it adds a step to retireve that if you need it).