How to best mirror multiple columns from one board to another?

Hi everyone - fairly novice user here so apologies if this is really simple…!

I’m trying to mirror multiple columns from one board to another, and keen to understand the best way to go about this?

Do I need to have the new board set up in the same format, or would you simply rename the mirror column to correspond with the column I’ve selected to mirror?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Jack.lme, welcome to the community, and thanks for posting!

You don’t need to have a new board set up in the same format, and you also don’t need to rename the mirror columns to correspond with the columns you’ve selected to mirror (although renaming is a good way to keep track of what information is in the column). Have you already checked out this article? It has some other good tips:


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Enjoy your monday․com adventures!

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Thanks! Session booked :nerd_face:

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